The Hong Kong Allergy Association was founded by allergy patients, their care givers and medical professionals in 2008 as an allergy patients self-help group. We are a tax exempted charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IR 91/10057).

Allergy, including asthma, eczema, rhinitis and anaphylaxis are one of the most prevalent chronic disease in Hong Kong. Allergy can bring big impact to one patient's daily living. For serious case, it can be fatal. Despite its high prevalence, the education and awareness for allergy is seriously insufficient. Therefore, the Hong Kong Allergy Association aims to provide the most accurate and latest information and support for the allergy community.

Allergy HK organize public talks on various allergy topic at different location. We also organize group sharing for patients to share their feeling, experience and knowledge on caring for allergy.

We have launched a Allergy Knowledge Web, an allergy e-learning system. We upload videos of our previous public talk to this system so the public can obtain correct information about allergy anytime and anywhere they want.

We also accept interview from various media to provide correct information about allergy. We also publish newsletter every quarter to distribute our news about Allergy HK.

We are a member of Food allergy and Anaphylaxis International Alliance, which is an international allergy patient’s organization alliance. This alliance thrives to fight for a better right for allergy patients in the world. We meet annually to share knowledge on allergy.