In Hong Kong, there is one in five people has suffered from eczema at different period. Eczema is the inflammation of the epidermis, which will cause itchiness, blister, redness and swelling. It will also ooze and cause dryness of the skin and lead to crusting. The cause of eczema includes contacting or rubbing against substance, an allergic reaction with some kinds of food, drug or fungus. It may also be affected by the person’s emotion or self-immune system. Eczema can be a short reaction against one sort of substance, which can last for few hours or several days. But chronic eczema can last very long which leads to infection of bacteria and fungus. The diagnosis usually base on the symptoms and a skin test can be used to tell which substance the skin is allergic to. Avoiding the allergens is the best preventions.

It is common to use topical corticosteroid to treat eczema. Taking immunosuppressants can also help. Skin should always be moist constantly and moisturizer can be used after shower